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PROJECT TOUR | Buffalo Crossing

Transcript:  So, here we are at Buffalo Crossing.

We’re located at the intersection of Highway 16 and Catron Boulevard, one of the busiest intersections that we have in Rapid City. One of our fastest growing and developing intersections. With the changes that have been made through the downtown corridor and off of the interstate, this is now our new, main tourism route into the Black Hills.

We’re just a stone’s throw away from Mount Rushmore, from Custer State Park, and right on the access to all of those great locations.

This site started as the Waterslides property, so most people that are familiar with Rapid City, they’ll remember the Waterslides. The Waterslides were in disrepair, they had been shut down for a few years, so we came back in and we looked at this property. We kind of reimagined what it could be.

And, with that we looked at what and how can we best access this with what we have off of Catron? What can we do with Highway 16? We worked with the DOT, the South Dakota Department of Transportation, to see what their needs were on this intersection, and what we determined was is that we needed new access roads, we needed to work on closing entrances and opening new entrances to provide the most safe access to this site that we could.

So, we put in brand new signals, brand new roads. We built back access streets so that we could have commercial front facing property along Catron Boulevard and Highway 16, while still preserving the safety of the vehicles that are driving by.

We also took a look at the property and obviously with the Waterslides, we had a 70 ft high mountain in the middle of this thing. So, one of the very first things we had to do was come in and move 300,000 yards of material, and with that, we laid out a Master Plan for mixed use with the commercial along the busy intersections, transitioning back into single family residential.

We’re here right now on Addison Street, which is the last of our single family residential that we have on Buffalo Crossing South. The entire rest of the property has been developed out. We’ve got one more spot for office commercial/MDR, apartment or offices, with just absolutely gorgeous views.

The entire project was financed through a TIF. We had unusual costs for extending these streets where no streets existed before. We had the new intersections and then we had the realignment and the turning lanes coming onto and off of Catron.

Our homes in this neighborhood go anywhere from half a million dollar duplexes right to the $300,000 single family homes behind me.

We also have a mixture of commercial businesses. We have a brand new Holiday Station, we’ve got the regional orthopedic medicine, the brand new sports facility that Monument Health built up and put together.

And, so, as we’ve worked to get to this point here with all of these new businesses, these established businesses that have expanded into this area, now we’re looking to move further out. So, we’ve established the infrastructure that’s going to let us spread out from this area and continue to develop in the different directions and continue to grow Rapid City.

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