Project Updates and Community Impact

Monument Health to Move, Expand Dialysis Clinic

RAPID CITY, S.D. (April 22, 2021) – Monument Health has announced it will move its outpatient dialysis clinic to a larger, more accessible storefront location in the Dakota Market Square retail complex at East North and Cambell streets in Rapid City. The move is tentatively planned for Oct. 20.

Dakota Market Square, formerly Kmart shopping center, is currently undergoing major renovations to create a new retail center.

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PROJECT TOUR | Buffalo Crossing

So, here we are at Buffalo Crossing.

We’re located at the intersection of Highway 16 and Catron Boulevard, one of the busiest intersections that we have in Rapid City. One of our fastest growing and developing intersections. With the changes that have been made through the downtown corridor and off of the interstate, this is now our new, main tourism route into the Black Hills.

We’re just a stone’s throw away from Mount Rushmore, from Custer State Park, and right on the access to all of those great locations.

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SKY RIDGE WAITLIST: Behind the Scenes Progress Update

Here is the latest update on the Sky Ridge project in Spearfish.

1. If you are getting our emails, you are on the waitlist. We’ve gotten several emails from folks who want to be sure they are securely on the waitlist. If you’re reading this email, your spot is secured!! **If you did not receive an email from us from April 20, 2021, please check your junk email inbox scroll down to get your name on the Sky Ridge waitlist.

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Liberty Center groundbreaking to take place in April

RAPID CITY, S.D. — The South Dakota Ellsworth Development Authority (SDEDA) has announced the groundbreaking ceremony for the new Liberty Center recreation facility on Friday, April 9.

The ceremony will take place at the Box Elder City Hall and Community Center at 10:00 a.m.. Senator John Thune and Senator Mike Rounds along with other elected officials instrumental in the project will give remarks, followed by the ceremonial groundbreaking at 10:45 a.m.

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New ‘South Dakota One-Stop Complex’ being built in north Rapid City

RCJ – West River residents will soon have a new centralized location to seek services from seven state agencies following a Friday groundbreaking of the South Dakota One-Stop Complex in Rapid City.

The two-story, 100,000-square-foot building will house offices of the Department of Social Services, Department of Health, Department of Human Services, Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Revenue and South Dakota Lottery, the Bureau of Information Technology, and the Bureau of Administration. The complex will be located at 221 Mall Drive, between the Rushmore Mall and Lowe’s.

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100,000sqft State of South Dakota “One-Stop” Complex Coming Soon

The team at Dream Design International, Inc. is proud to announce the official kick off for a new 100,000sqft facility for the State of South Dakota.

The South Dakota State “One-Stop” Complex will create one centralized service center for seven state agencies including the Department of Social Services, the Department of Health, the Department of Human Services, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Department of Revenue and SD Lottery, Bureau of Information Technology, and the Bureau of Administration.

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Legislation to spend $3.2 million for Liberty Center in Box Elder awaits Gov. Noem’s signature

PIERRE | It took a circuitous route through the Legislature, but funding for the Liberty Wellness Center in Box Elder got final legislative approval Tuesday afternoon.

The bill originally seeking the state’s $3.2 million for the facility, HB1019, was killed by the Joint Appropriations Committee. During each session legislators introduce a variety of vehicle or placeholder bills, sometimes called hoghouse bills. One of them, HB1166, was amended to include the facility funding and has made it through both the Senate and House.

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PROJECT TOUR | Diamond Ridge

Diamond Ridge is an off shoot of our Shepherd Hills property. It’s on the far south side of the larger, 600 acre parcel. If you can kind of look up to the north, you can even see some of Shepherd Hills development off in the distance there.

This is the south side, we’re just off of Homestead Street. We’ve got North Valley Drive just to the west of us here.

Our Diamond Ridge Subdivision is essentially an extension of the Johnson Ranch concept, where we felt that it was necessary for us to continue to provide that workforce, entry level housing. That first-time homebuyer’s level, keep it under the $250,000 range.

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Sky Ridge development in Spearfish will provide affordable housing for the community

PEARFISH, S.D. — A new affordable housing development in Spearfish is in the process of going up.

Construction began last September. Sky Ridge is on Colorado Boulevard, near Highway 85. A 2013 study showed the need for more affordable housing options in Spearfish.

The city brought in Dream Design International of Rapid City to create a public-private partnership to build affordable homes.

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PROJECT TOUR | Scotland Hills

This is our premiere subdivision in Rapid City. This is one of the most fun subdivisions I’ve ever had the chance to be a part of.

We were able to take 120 acres that was hidden right inside of Rapid City on these beautifully forested slopes just next to the Hospital right away from Highway 16 and just off of 5th Street.

What we had here was a series of ridges that extended up and through this area. Heavily treed forests, heavily treed gulleys, amazing wildlife -deer, fox, all sorts of things, turkeys all over the place.

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PROJECT TOUR | Orchard Meadows

Orchard Meadows is a project that we started in 2013, almost 7 years ago.

Here, you can see how our original vision and master plan actually becomes a real living community and what evolves from that.

We started with a concept and a deal with the City of Rapid City for a land swap to take what that time was an unused campground. And, we looked at it – we had floodplain issues, we had wetland issues, we had access issues off the highway, and we looked at this, we evaluated the needs on the east side Rapid City, here and put together a mixed use master plan that included commercial, residential, and apartment uses.

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PROJECT TOUR | Johnson Ranch

This is Johnson Ranch.

Johnson Ranch is one of my personal, favorite developments that we’ve ever done.

It started with an idea and a round table discussion where it was “What can we do to create workforce, affordable level housing inside of Rapid City? What can we do that doesn’t require subsidy?”

In other words, we don’t want to take money from the State Housing Development, we don’t want to take grant money, we don’t want to ask the City for TIF funds or additional dollars. What can we do to make this happen within the terms of the property and the zoning code that we have here?

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PROJECT TOUR | Dakota Market Square

Here we are at Dakota Market Square. This has been an amazing project. This is a true rejuvenation project where we were able to take an existing building that was in disrepair, it was in the process of being emptied out and unoccupied.

We started by remodeling the east half. We had 90,000 sqft that you’re looking at now. We put brand new fronts on the entire building and we’ve moved from east to west. Every suite on the west side of the building has been filled up.

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This is the Kansas City Lofts.

This is a four story mixed use apartment building. We have commercial suites on the main level, and then we have three stories of apartments above that… The project itself is a mixed use project. And, what we’ve done is we’ve tried to incorporate all of the work that the City of Rapid City has put into the East of Fifth rezoning and redevelopment of this entire side of town.

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The best way to really get a handle on the projects at Dream Design is to hop in the truck with Hani and Kyle and drive the project tour – getting the real time narrative to see what’s coming, what stage of development we’re in, what are the project challenges, and what awesome new services a project is able to bring to the area.

…In the midst of COVID this year, those project tours are a lot more infrequent and a bit more tricky to pull off, so we’ve pulled together a VIRTUAL project tour, so now, we can bring the project tour TO YOU.

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Affordable housing becoming more elusive for locals

South Dakota’s status as a relocation destination is a boon for the region’s construction industry, but a challenge for some locals shopping for homes.

Gov. Kristi Noem touted the robust housing industry in her 2021 State of the State address, calling South Dakota the perfect place to “live your life as you see fit.”

“Residential home sales are up all across the state and home construction in South Dakota is especially strong. New home construction in South Dakota is more than one-and-a-half times greater than the national average. And over the past 10 months, construction employment in South Dakota is up 10% compared to a year ago,” Noem said.

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SKY RIDGE WAITLIST – Will I get a home in Sky Ridge?

If you’ve driven by the Sky Ridge project in Spearfish, you’ve seen that the grading is complete and utilities are being installed for the first round of lots! We are grateful to all of the crews and the City of Spearfish for working so hard to make this project happen.

Check out these awesome photos of the Sky Ridge progress, shared with us by the City of Spearfish. You can even see the outline in these images of the incoming soccer fields and baseball fields that will nicely round out this housing project –

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2020 YEAR IN REVIEW | Dream Construction Utility Crew Builds Diamond Ridge Extension

The Diamond Ridge subdivision features four phases of affordable homes along Diamond Ridge Boulevard. Located off Homestead Street in East Rapid City, Diamond Ridge offers an extension of the Johnson Ranch concept with homes ranging from $170,000 to $235,000.

Homes feature 1-2 car garages, 2-5 bedrooms, and 1-2 bathrooms and offer NEW construction at an affordable price range which has been a big hit for Rapid City residents.

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Sky Ridge, a new development going up in Spearfish

SPEARFISH, S.D. (KOTA) – It has a waitlist of more than 170 people.

“Just since the project has begun we’ve started a waiting list and you need to be pre-qualified to get the homes and we haven’t started that process but we did put together a waiting list for families and people that had a need for these homes and wanted to live in that area,” says Kyle Treloar from Dream Design International.

Skyridge Development in Spearfish will have 140 homes ranging in prices as low as $100,000 to $275,000.

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2020 YEAR IN REVIEW | Johnson Ranch Residential Complete!

The Johnson Ranch project in East Rapid City is one of Dream Design’s most proud achievements. The project brought 77 affordable, newly constructed homes to the Rapid City market at an unprecedented starting point of $160,000.

Johnson Ranch offered Rapid City residents a beautiful, new, clean home in a polished subdivision they could truly be proud of and Dream Design prioritized what was best for the City and its residents over a padded bottom line. The result is incredible, with 77 homes sold and built out in less than three years.

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Mild winter allows construction to continue without pushback from weather

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) – From streets to buildings, construction is going on across the Black Hills. Vice President of Dream Design International Kyle Treloar says snow plays a big role in the amount of work that crews are able to do.

“The snow is not great for underground work and for mass grading style work,” says Treloar. “It can be done, you just have to be more careful so when you’re moving mass quantities of dirt you need to be aware of the frost in the ground. The frost doesn’t allow doesn’t allow for proper compaction and so you can’t compact frosty material.”

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2020 YEAR IN REVIEW | Spearfish Affordable Housing is a Big Hit

Late 2019, the Dream Design team submitted a response to the City of Spearfish RFP for a new, affordable housing project. Early 2020, Dream Design was selected to build the homes and the project has been incredibly popular from the get go. Though homes will not be ready until August 2021, over 175 people have signed up for the Sky Ridge waitlist, hopeful they will be among the first selected for these much needed affordable homes.

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2020 YEAR IN REVIEW | KC Lofts Bring Revitalization East of Fifth

The Kansas City Street Lofts at the corner of East Boulevard and Kansas City Street were well underway in 2020, bringing three stories of residential and one floor of commercial suites to the School of Mines corridor and Rapid City’s “East of Fifth” designation.

Crews completed all the dirt work, foundations, and began framing in 2020 for move-in to the complex slated for mid-2021.

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2020 YEAR IN REVIEW | Scotland Hills Hits a Sweet Spot

While 2020 certainly made some industries slow down, there were major surges in other areas. Residential lots and homes – in every price range – were hard to come by with homes flying off the market before they could even be posted.

The luxury home lots at Scotland Hills were no different. Though these were not pre-existing homes, and are, in fact, simply lots to be built on, this luxury home market certainly struck a chord with Rapid City residents.

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2020 YEAR IN REVIEW | Dakota Market Square Remade this Year

A major highlight of Dream Design’s 2020 Year was the complete renovation of Phase 1 of “Dakota Market Square.”

Dakota Market Square is the 185,000 square foot complex at the corner of Cambell Street and East North that many grew up knowing as the “Northgate Plaza Shopping Center.” It was the home to the infamous Stargate Theater and the Gigglebee’s/Peppy’s Pizza hangout complete with laser tag, pizza, and a talking coyote to deliver your meal.

These iconic spots were transformed this year after a long time in disrepair and a lack of much needed TLC. Take a look at their drastic before and afters and see how much the whole complex has changed.

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At Dream Design International, we have been abundantly lucky this year that in the midst of so much COVID craziness, economic uncertainty, and turmoil throughout the country, that construction in South Dakota was an industry that kept moving, kept working, and could safely continue without interruption.

With numerous projects throughout Rapid City and the Hills, we were able to provide projects to keep hundreds of crew members, superintendents, vendors, contractors, and subs working steadily all year.

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The Pennington County Commission approves a massive project in Box Elder

BOX ELDER, S.D. (KOTA) – Box Elder, a town getting ready for the arrival of the massive B-21 program at Ellsworth Air Force Base along with a new development to help the community grow called Liberty Plaza.

“We don’t really have a Main Street, we don’t have a good center to the city,” says Box Elder Mayor Larry Larson. “This is going to, this is going to be it.”

Right across from City Hall, the development spans 110 acres and will cost more than 100 million dollars.

Hani Shafai from Dream Design International says Liberty Plaza will feature a staple community center with shopping and hundreds of places to live from townhomes to apartments.

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Sky Ridge takes shape

SPEARFISH — The Sky Ridge housing development has hit a major milestone as rough grading has been completed – the first step to developing the 156 square acre workforce housing project.

“The softball fields are graded in as well as the soccer complexes and the roads,” said Spearfish City Administrator Mike Harmon during Monday’s council meeting.

Harmon said crews are now working on installing underground utilities such as water and sewer mains as well as storm drainage, which will continue through the winter in preparation for construction to begin in the spring.

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Crews demolish old Hardee’s building at Dakota Market Square

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KOTA) – Crews got to work on Wednesday, demolishing the old Hardee’s building in Dakota Market Square.

This is the next phase of Dream Design International’s large urban renewal project at Dakota Market Square.

When the project is complete, it will house a 10,000 square foot hospitality and commercial retail space that people can rent out.

The director of planning for Dream Design says they’re currently working with quite a few interested parties.

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Johnson Ranch, 52 acres featuring both residential and commercial properties.

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – According to the National Low Income Housing Coalition, 7.2 million affordable housing units are needed across the U.S. and Rapid City is not immune.

Right off of St. Patrick Street and Highway 44 is a new development, Johnson Ranch. The 52 acres featuring both residential and commercial properties.

Dream design international started the project more than two years ago and is putting the final touches on the last of eighty houses.

And homes won’t be the only housing in the development, the plans include a 150 unit complex next to a community park.

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New housing development in Rapid City takes the outdoors to a unique level

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – Scottland Hills, 120 acres secluded in a forest in the middle of Rapid City, now home to 34 lots costing between $92,000 to $1 million.

Dream Design is working with the fire department and Rapid City on doing fuel mitigation to keep the area safe.

Due to its unique area, the company sees a lot of people in the health care industry looking to buy due to its proximity to medical facilities and people looking to move back to Rapid City.

“Scotland Hills is an amazing project. It’s one that’s just been a pleasure to be apart of. You don’t get to work on a project like that that often. It was in a beautiful property located right in the middle of Rapid City,” says Kyle Treloar from Dream Design International.

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Orchard Meadows, an upcoming development near Rapid Valley

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – Right off of Highway 44, Orchard Meadows is an upcoming commercial development in Rapid Valley with plans to offer health care, a church, and even a restaurant.

Going up around it, $140 million worth of housing, including 130 single-family homes,102 townhomes, and 800 apartments.

And with the influx of people and the employees at the new facilities, nearby development company Dream Design is also putting in a daycare.

Dream Design International says this project has been seven years in the making and all of the lots are already sold.

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$18M project brings new businesses into Dakota Market Square

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – The K-Mart shopping area is getting a makeover and becoming Dakota Market Square

“The first phase of that project has been completed, and it’s all completely 100% occupied and it includes as I mentioned before retail and office, the next phase is just starting,” says Hani Shafai from Dream Design International.

The next phase includes remodeling the large K-Mart building and splitting it into education, health care and retail spaces.

“The era of big boxes is gone,” says Shafai. “Right now, we are in the small business and mixed office and retail combination type deal even residential if the chances or the opportunities present themselves.”

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Rapid City is rapidly changing with growth all across the city

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – Dream Design International says they have ten projects going on just in Rapid City ranging from the construction of 1,600 apartments, a large number of houses, and many businesses all valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.

The development company says they are using most of the major contracting companies in the Black Hills and even one from Wyoming bringing in many jobs to help develop the Black Hills area.

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Three New Housing Communities Coming to the Black Hills

The Dream Design team is excited to announce three new housing projects coming to the Black Hills: Sky Ridge in Spearfish, The Marcotte Project in Sturgis, and Scotland Hills in Rapid City. These projects hit a wide range of price points and home styles to help meet the varied needs of our residents and all aim to highlight the best of what the Black Hills has to offer: outdoor recreation opportunities, incredible views, and access to City parks and services.

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Spearfish’s new workforce housing development officially starts construction

The Sky Ridge development is part of the city’s active effort to provide “affordable housing options in Spearfish,” the press release said. These homes have income qualifications. Buyers must be in the 12% or 22% federal income tax bracket.

In 2019, the city laid the groundwork for the project and purchased the property. The mayor and City Council established a public-private partnership between Dream Design International, Inc. to move forward with this project.

The building project is located south of Colorado Boulevard and west of U.S. Highway 85 in the Exit 17 area, off Interstate 90.

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Brand New, Affordable Housing Community Officially Underway!

On Wednesday, September 30, 2020, the Dream Design team was joined by the Honorable Mayor Dana Boke, Spearfish City Administrator Mike Harmon, and numerous representatives from the City, Spearfish Economic Development, local employers, the HDR design team, and Zandstra Construction for an OFFICIAL Groundbreaking on the new Sky Ridge Affordable Housing Community in Spearfish, South Dakota.

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What does Dream Design do?

NEWS Project Updates and Community Impact What does Dream Design do? At Dream Design, we get asked a lot about what it is we really do. Everyone of course wants to know what buildings are coming into a new development, which tenants are moving into a building that's...

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CONGRATULATIONS to the One Heart Team!

NEWS Project Updates and Community Impact CONGRATULATIONS to the One Heart Team! The "OneHeart: A Place for Hope & Healing" project in downtown Rapid City is a long time labor of love finally coming to fruition.   The campus is located on the site of the old NAU...

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The Rapid City Home Show Has Been Postponed

NEWS Project Updates and Community Impact The Rapid City Home Show Has Been Postponed As excited as we've been to gear up for the Rapid City Home Show, hosted by the Black Hills Home Builder's Association, we now must announce that the event has been temporarily...

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High End Strip Mall Coming to Highway 16

NEWS Project Updates and Community Impact High End Strip Mall Coming to Highway 16 The Dream Design team has been working hard to remake and redevelop the Highway 16 corridor for the past several years. On a corner where some of Rapid City's favorite old recreation...

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We’re Hiring! CAD Drafter

NEWS Project Updates and Community Impact We're hiring! CAD Drafter Our development team is growing and we need an experienced CAD Drafter who can jump in and tackle master plans, street and utility plans for major developments, and exhibits for City submittals....

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Welcome to the #DreamTeam Kyle Treloar!

NEWS Project Updates and Community Impact Welcome to the #DreamTeam Kyle Treloar! We're SO excited to announce - officially - that Kyle Treloar has rejoined the Dream Design team! Kyle started with DDI in 2010 and spent 6 years working on various engineering and...

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Congratulations Dr. Shafai!

NEWS Project Updates and Community Impact Congratulations Dr. Shafai! Such a huge honor for Dream Design President Hani Shafai to be awarded an honorary Doctor of Public Service degree at this weekend's SDSMT Commencement Ceremony. The honorary Doctor of Public...

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