Dream Design International announces the addition of Kumar Veluswamy as the Director of Facilities and Construction. Kumar brings to the team his expertise in structural engineering, facilities management, and construction operations, along with his passion for helping the community. Prior to joining Dream Design, Kumar served as the Director of Facilities at Rapid City Area Schools, where he focused on addressing the needs of local schools.

“The most exciting part of joining this team is continuing to serve the community and addressing the needs as a whole,” says Kumar. “Whether it’s affordable housing, commercial, or industrial developments, there are so many projects happening at Dream Design that are making a positive impact.”

Helping the community has been part of Kumar’s personal vision since working at a local engineering firm. As a structural engineer for the firm, Kumar worked on many school and education-related projects. “I fell in love with education and the students,” said Kumar. “What a good way to serve the community, through helping our kids.”

In his previous roles, Kumar worked on several critical initiatives, including the expansion of Central High School and extending the life of Rapid Valley Elementary School, North Middle School, Meadowbrook Elementary School, and Black Hawk Elementary School. Kumar also collaborated with Dream Design’s President, Hani Shafai, on a handful of projects, underscoring their shared commitment to serving the people in our region.

“I’ve known Hani for years, both in a professional and personal capacity,” said Kumar. “I’m excited to help make his vision come true.”