Project Updates and Community Impact

2020 Year in Review | Orchard Meadows Nearly Complete!

After 7-8 years of heavy work master planning, designing, grading, constructing, selling, and leasing, the Orchard Meadows subdivision is nearly complete!

The Dream Design team sold out all but one final lot at Orchard Meadows (Lot L), with the final remaining 16 home lots sold off, the Tract A apartment land sold off, Lot F and Lot K, Lot H, and Tract L sold as well.

Construction on apartments, townhomes, and the Orchard Meadows lift station also kicked off with major progress made on the subdivision from June’s fields of green to November’s machinery-heavy dirt-work. The Lift Station TIF was also approved with construction on that project kicking off in November. Dream Design also general’ed three residential homes to keep the project moving this spring.

Major tenant Signify Health opened in July despite the pandemic with a gorgeous and bright 28,320 square foot facility completed with a whole lot of sweat equity from an all-hands-on-deck Dream Design team.

Here’s a look at the many sub-projects within this project and the progress made on Orchard Meadows in 2020 –

Residential Lots at Orchard Are SOLD OUT

One of the biggest changes in 2020 for the Dream Design team was the sale of the final, SIXTEEN remaining lots at Orchard Meadows.

These were the final home lots in the subdivision and were purchased all at once by a new, local, up and coming builder excited to make his mark on our community. Many of these homes have already been started and buildout will continue throughout next year.

These final sixteen lots were part of phase 6 of housing at Orchard with the first homes built out in 2013. Many homes in the Orchard Meadows subdivision were ranch style homes and hit a mid-range price point of about $285,000 to $385,000.

All, in all, there are 100 single family homes and 20 townhomes in these first 6 phases.

Breaking Ground on 102 Townhomes

Another major move on the Orchard Meadows subdivision this year was the beginning of an 11.14 acre townhome community. There was a drastic difference from June’s fields of green to November’s full-on construction, with many crew members working at a time, tons of heavy machinery, dirt work underway, utilities being installed, and new streets incoming. 

The site will feature a unique business model with 102 rentable townhomes that offer a a community leasing office at the entry to the project. 

Work will continue through the winter with possible occupancy by spring.

Over 659 Apartments Coming to Orchard Meadows

Though the focus the last several years has been on the single family homes and townhomes, Orchard Meadows actually features three apartment/multi-family lots as well. 

Construction on the first 3.6 acre apartment parcel began this summer, and two more apartment lots closed – one 1.56 acre lot and another lot just under 25 acres – with construction on those anticipated next year. 

These three apartment lots will offer diversity in size, amenities, and pricing to give future Orchard Meadows residents several great options to choose from for their new home. 

DDI Team Goes All Hands on Deck to Finish Signify Landscaping

The Dream Design team invested over $25 million to ensure the Orchard Meadows project was successful, and our newest addition to the Orchard Meadows commercial park was the Signify Health building.

Dream Design companies were building this facility to suit and were responsible for preparing the building for the big move in day in July. 

Our team helped make many of the finishing decisions on colors, carpet samples, ceiling clouds, etc., but the landscaping deadline required all hands on deck. The DDI team and a few incredible friends worked several long, hot days to install an employee patio, plant trees and flowers, and lay rock beds.

It was an awesome team effort and the result was incredible. The landscaping and natural elements added so much, with employees now able to take their lunch break on the patio, or follow the side walk from the rear exit door to the existing walking trails. 

350 Employee Call Center is Completed

The Signify Health call center is a 28,320 sqft facility that features many large windows, bright lighting, acoustical ceiling clouds and sound buffers, a ping pong table, employee break area, and wellness rooms for use by the Signify team.

The facility officially opened in July to a small, COVID minded gathering to allow some of the employees to take a look at their new space. This was an awesome community project with so much support from the Governor’s office on down to local elected officials and City leadership. 

Signify Health offers the essential service of providing logistics coordination to bring high touch medical care directly into the home, proving to be one of the unsung heroes in the middle of this pandemic.

This summer, we were also able to meet with Signify Health COO David Pierre to speak with him about the development process. Take a look at what he had to say here:

Garner Dental Gives Back to the Orchard Meadows Community

The Orchard Meadows Family Dental and Denture Clinic was a 2019 commercial project from the Dream Design team. 

First thing in 2020, the Garner Dental crew fulfilled their life long dream and purchased their beautiful, state of the art clinic and officially became OWNERS of this awesome facility. 

They have been such an incredible crew to work with, and their staff is so welcoming and warm, they not only make going the dentist an awesome experience, but have reached out to share their kindness and generosity with the greater Orchard Meadows community. 

In October, the staff at OM Dental and their families gathered for a “Community Cleanup” day to beautify the Orchard Meadows neighborhood and keep the trails and walkways clean. They were able to scoop up many rogue construction remnants and make a huge difference to the area.

Orchard Meadows Lift Station TIF is Approved

To accommodate all of the incoming housing and over 2,000 residents that will call Orchard Meadows home, there were significant drainage and utility improvements that were necessary to meet the demand. 

In October of 2020, the Lift Station TIF was approved, allowing project generated tax revenue to be applied directly back into the project to fund these necessary public improvements, ensuring the project is self sustaining and self supporting. 

The lift station is under construction and should be completed early next year.

The 161 acre Orchard Meadows project has been nearly a decade-long trek to turn this former campground into a beautiful and diverse mixed used community. 

There are walking trails, golf course access, and creek views for residents to enjoy and great visibility and convenient traffic flows for the commercial projects out front. 

The Orchard Meadows project required complex and strategic engineering and design to create this haven for residents and community businesses to enjoy.

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