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Dream Design has an extensive portfolio of successful past projects and has contributed to the development of 6000+ residential units and 2 million+ square feet of commercial space, resulting in $1.3 billion added taxable value to local communities.

Diamond Ridge

Diamond Ridge

Diamond Ridge is the southernmost 120 acres of the 700-acre Shepherd Hills project in Rapid City, South Dakota.

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Diamond Ridge, part of the Shepherd Hills subdivision, is a community of over 100 affordable homes. Many of the homeowners on this street are first-time homebuyers who have been able to take advantage of the affordable housing options provided by Diamond Ridge.

Zoning: Residential Location: Rapid City Status: Complete


Diamond Ridge is located on the west end of Homestead Street, on the east side of Rapid City, South Dakota. The community is part of the Shepherd Hills subdivision and will connect to E Anamosa when road construction is complete.

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