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PROJECT TOUR | Johnson Ranch

Transcript:  This is Johnson Ranch.

Johnson Ranch is one of my personal, favorite developments that we’ve ever done.

It started with an idea and a round table discussion where it was “What can we do to create workforce, affordable level housing inside of Rapid City? What can we do that doesn’t require subsidy?”

In other words, we don’t want to take money from the State Housing Development, we don’t want to take grant money, we don’t want to ask the City for TIF funds or additional dollars. What can we do to make this happen within the terms of the property and the zoning code that we have here?

So, what we did is we got together and we looked at it, we found a partner in a homebuilder who was equally committed to the idea as we were, and we went about it.

We worked through this entire process of master planning this property to determine, how can we get these lots at a point that we can sell them, to the builder, that the builder can hold our prices, and originally, we started with home prices at $160,000, which didn’t exist. You couldn’t buy a new home for that price in Rapid City before we started this development.

And it showed in sales.

In a matter of two years, we have sold out 80 single family lots. We have no more lots. This development is complete except for our commercial portions out front.

And that’s a testament to the demand and the need that was for this affordable housing.

The development itself also allowed us to do what we do best, which is look at the property, evaluate our location, our needs, the community’s needs, the local needs, and put together a master plan and then follow through on that master plan.

We have Saint Patrick Street, we have Highway 44, we have Elk Vale Road, we’ve got three incredibly busy streets which opens up the avenue for some commercial property. So, we presented a couple commercial lots up front. We’ve got a gas station that is bought and committed to building, we’ve got two lots here that are still available.

We’ve got MDR property. We’ve got five and a half acres behind us, that we’re currently in the process of grading, bringing up to grade to put in 150 units.

We were also able to work with RAI, Rural America Initiatives, and really help them out in a spot where they had done a lot of fundraising, they had moved forward, and they were at a point where they had grants on the line, they had all the balls in motion to create this brand new, beautiful facility, but they didn’t have a site they could utilize at that time.

So, what we were able to do is really help them out and donate a parcel of this property that we had set up for multi-family/MDR, and we were able to get it to them. They were able to build a brand new, state-of-the-art, beautiful facility to really help serve the people that they serve best.

We also were to do the same thing with the Abbott House, and provide that much needed housing for that special demographic of aging out foster kids that need that place to live in after they’ve aged out of the system, but they still need to support to finish out their early life. They need that place to go to live when they’re going to school, that intermediary housing before they’re truly able to go out on their own.

Right now we’re in the process of working with the City to construct a giant drainage channel. This channel is necessitated through some of the efforts in our design when we determined that there was a lot of drainage that was coming that was unaccounted for in the basins above. In order to make this safe, we worked with the City to identify  #1 that there was a need for this drainage and that it hadn’t been accounted for but then #2 to really get this thing designed and work and get that property set aside so that we could build this and have this safe access for this drainage water to run all the way from over by Elk Vale down to Rapid Creek.

This development is on its last stages. We’re just finishing up our last phase which is this grading of this channel. It’s exciting that it was as successful as it is, and we hope to be able to continue along the same lines with some of our developments.

But, you know, as an example of teamwork with City Planning coming together, with having a motivated builder, with having a motivated developer, and a property owner, it shows that some of these items are not unobtainable, you can make them happen if everybody aligns up and puts a good plan together and then executes on that plan.

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Project Tour Videos

See what’s coming to some of Rapid City’s biggest sites with a virtual project tour from the team at Dream Design.
We’re so grateful to be a part of these projects and would love to take you along for the ride.

PROJECT TOUR | Buffalo Crossing

So, here we are at Buffalo Crossing.

We’re located at the intersection of Highway 16 and Catron Boulevard, one of the busiest intersections that we have in Rapid City. One of our fastest growing and developing intersections. With the changes that have been made through the downtown corridor and off of the interstate, this is now our new, main tourism route into the Black Hills.

We’re just a stone’s throw away from Mount Rushmore, from Custer State Park, and right on the access to all of those great locations.

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PROJECT TOUR | Diamond Ridge

Diamond Ridge is an off shoot of our Shepherd Hills property. It’s on the far south side of the larger, 600 acre parcel. If you can kind of look up to the north, you can even see some of Shepherd Hills development off in the distance there.

This is the south side, we’re just off of Homestead Street. We’ve got North Valley Drive just to the west of us here.

Our Diamond Ridge Subdivision is essentially an extension of the Johnson Ranch concept, where we felt that it was necessary for us to continue to provide that workforce, entry level housing. That first-time homebuyer’s level, keep it under the $250,000 range.

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PROJECT TOUR | Scotland Hills

This is our premiere subdivision in Rapid City. This is one of the most fun subdivisions I’ve ever had the chance to be a part of.

We were able to take 120 acres that was hidden right inside of Rapid City on these beautifully forested slopes just next to the Hospital right away from Highway 16 and just off of 5th Street.

What we had here was a series of ridges that extended up and through this area. Heavily treed forests, heavily treed gulleys, amazing wildlife -deer, fox, all sorts of things, turkeys all over the place.

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PROJECT TOUR | Dakota Market Square

Here we are at Dakota Market Square. This has been an amazing project. This is a true rejuvenation project where we were able to take an existing building that was in disrepair, it was in the process of being emptied out and unoccupied.

We started by remodeling the east half. We had 90,000 sqft that you’re looking at now. We put brand new fronts on the entire building and we’ve moved from east to west. Every suite on the west side of the building has been filled up.

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This is the Kansas City Lofts.

This is a four story mixed use apartment building. We have commercial suites on the main level, and then we have three stories of apartments above that… The project itself is a mixed use project. And, what we’ve done is we’ve tried to incorporate all of the work that the City of Rapid City has put into the East of Fifth rezoning and redevelopment of this entire side of town.

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The best way to really get a handle on the projects at Dream Design is to hop in the truck with Hani and Kyle and drive the project tour – getting the real time narrative to see what’s coming, what stage of development we’re in, what are the project challenges, and what awesome new services a project is able to bring to the area.

…In the midst of COVID this year, those project tours are a lot more infrequent and a bit more tricky to pull off, so we’ve pulled together a VIRTUAL project tour, so now, we can bring the project tour TO YOU.

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