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Humble Beginnings: How Hani Got His Start in Real Estate Development

When people hear of Hani Shafai, a lot of times their first reaction is that he must be the luckiest guy, he must have come into a lot of money, or he really had the biggest hand up to get him where he is today. 

They know his name from hearing of him in the news as incoming developments work their way through Planning Commission meetings and City Council approvals. And, they see the Dream Design sign on what seems to be every corner in town as they’re out running errands, dropping off the kids, and grabbing their groceries. 

But, as far as he’s come, those who really know Hani, know he’s had a long road to hoe. The truth of Hani’s story is anything but the easy street, easy ride variety. Instead, it’s a story of war, violence, instability, and a lot of really hard work, grit, and unbelievable vision.

In July of 2018, Darla Drew of Black Hills FACES highlighted Hani’s humble beginnings, sharing his story of having to leave his war-torn hometown in Gaza to head to the great unknown of the Black Hills of South Dakota. In the article, he talks about growing up in Gaza, working for $1.00 per hour when he got to the States, and how he eventually got his start in developing Rapid City’s real estate.

Use the gallery below to read the FACES spotlight on Hani and see the full issue from Volume XIV, Issue 3 here.

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