Project Updates and Community Impact

2020 Year in Review

At Dream Design International, we have been abundantly lucky this year that in the midst of so much COVID craziness, economic uncertainty, and turmoil throughout the country, that construction in South Dakota was an industry that kept moving, kept working, and could safely continue without interruption.

With numerous projects throughout Rapid City and the Hills, we were able to provide projects to keep hundreds of crew members, superintendents, vendors, contractors, and subs working steadily all year.

We’ve also been blessed with an incredibly mild winter so far, with very little cold and snowy days and lots of sunshine well into the December months to keep these crews actively working.

That’s one of the best things about our job – we are part of such a large network of services that come together to complete a project – not only construction crews, but designers, realtors, title companies, lawyers, media crews, City employees, trucking crews, suppliers, bookkeepers, engineers, insurance agents, and more, and each project offers so many layers of work that ripples through our community and helps us all rise higher together.

It’s awesome to know that so many people can drive their families through town and point to a project and say – I made that! I built that! I had a hand in creating that!

Though many things definitely were unsteady as the pandemic began and many things shut down, had to be rerouted, and many plans fell apart, we saw so many awesome examples of small, local businesses showing their grit, strength, and resilience, and shifting, changing and adapting to meet the needs of each new challenge every single day.

Their ingenuity and flexibility helped keep this web of interconnected companies moving forward, allowing us to create so many community transformations and new assets to the Rapid City, Spearfish, Sturgis, and Box Elder communities, and definitely set the stage for even more projects to come in 2021.

We are eternally grateful to everyone who has worked beside us this year to help develop the Rapid City area and continue to make this community even greater every day.

Here’s a look at 2020 – a Year in Review. This is definitely a highlight reel, but we are certainly aware that we couldn’t have accomplished these projects without the determination, dedication, and persistence of so many great, local crews.

Thank you for your tireless efforts, all of your hard work, and so many long days. May we keep working together to come back in 2021 even stronger and continue to make our communities even better.

Wishing you a safe, healthy, and happy New Year.

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