Project Updates and Community Impact

2020 Year in Review | Dream Construction Utility Crew Builds Diamond Ridge Extension

The Diamond Ridge subdivision features four phases of affordable homes along Diamond Ridge Boulevard. Located off Homestead Street in East Rapid City, Diamond Ridge offers an extension of the Johnson Ranch concept with homes ranging from $170,000 to $235,000.

Homes feature 1-2 car garages, 2-5 bedrooms, and 1-2 bathrooms and offer NEW construction at an affordable price range which has been a big hit for Rapid City residents.

Diamond Ridge Utilities Installed

2020 was a pivotal time for the Dream Design team as we revived our commercial construction arm and built up three crews to perform installation of utilities.

The extension of Diamond Ridge Boulevard was a major feat for the Dream Construction team, with all underground utilities installed for Diamond Ridge’s Phase 3.

We had a very hardworking crew who really proved their strength on this project, and they continue to work up the hill for the next round of Diamond Ridge homes.

Phase 3 Paved for Incoming Homes

Another aspect of construction in the Diamond Ridge project was that Phase 3 was also paved in preparation for incoming homes – many of which are already pre-sold.

Paving in the South Dakota winter offers its own challenges, though we did have many workable winter days with sunshine in these last several weeks. 

There’s still quite a bit of pressure to line up all of the paving crews and subs that need to come together to complete the project, testing on the road to be sure the work is durable and ready, and the need for just the right temperature to last over a few hours to get it all done. 

However, these expert crews pulled through and the gamble paid off with Phase 3 successfully finished mid-December. 

Phase 3 Residential Homes Nearly Complete

The Diamond Ridge Subdivision features over 52 homes in the first three phases with additional homes to be added in phase 4 as Diamond Ridge Boulevard continues up the hill.

” Diamond Ridge” will also extend to the west, with additional homes to be added on the remaining 60 acres.

Like Johnson Ranch, the Diamond Ridge subdivision has been a major hit in the City of Rapid City, bringing homes in an affordable price range that are newly constructed, in a convenient location, and offer awesome views of town.

The Dream Design team has been committed to bringing affordable housing to the area and will continue to bring these projects to our area, working hard – and as fast as we can – to meet the community’s need.

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