Project Updates and Community Impact

New development projected to bring in thousands to Rapid City

Source: Connor Matteson, KEVN

RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – Shepherd Hills, a 600-acre development on the east side of Rapid City.

“That 600 acres, that’s a lot of property to be working with and master planning,” says Hani Shafai from Dream Design International.

And Dream Design International has a plan, almost 1,000 apartments and 1,500 single-family homes.

But with that influx of people, a new school is needed.

“The need for a school is there and we talked with the school and we discussed a potential site and we’re working together with them to really make sure that we account for that,” says Shafai.

A lot of the homes going up have already been sold and they are seeing huge interest in people wanting to move to the development.

“The excitement comes in from really filling in the need of the community and incorporating a lot of things that people are not used to like green spaces, walking trails, and what have you. This project will incorporate some of those.”

With a project this big, the completion is expected within eight to 10 years.

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