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“Move that Hill” – Blazing New Trails and Removing Obstacles to Growth in Rapid City


This is such an amazing interview of our DDI Founder, Hani Shafai, who sat down with Chris Johnson of the Amplify Rapid City Podcast a few weeks ago.

Hani shares some incredible, unknown stories of his first projects for Dream Design and really highlights how he’s used his work in development to help diversify the Rapid City Economy and create a more sustainable community.

He talks a lot about impact and the work that each of us can do to make substantial change in the area, and how we should all focus on doing the right thing and be mindful of the legacy we’ll leave behind.

Be sure to listen to the whole podcast, especially at 25:52 where Chris asks Hani what most determines incoming projects – the existing zoning FIRST or the plan for the development first.

Hani told a poignant story of how we’re always working in tandem with these long term plans and yet always working to see what ultimately is best for the community in the long term:

“In my lifestyle, I like to blaze new trails. A lot of times, our zoning is done by people who really don’t know the long range plans for the community and they see small obstacles and it impacts their perception of what needs to be created in those areas.

You know, I look at, for example, take the Walmart on the South Side of town. We had 1.1 million cubic yards of dirt moved. The alignment of 5th Street was curved because there was a hill in the way.

**The hill does not exist there today.**

..So yeah, therefore they all work hand in hand. The existing zoning, I’ve got to respect sometimes their wishes and I’ve got to adjust it where I really do believe it is in the best interest of the community.”

Such a powerful testament to the work we do here everyday and why it’s SO amazing to be a part of this team.

That grit and that vision that sees the needs and what is possible beyond what any one of us could have imagined is what’s made Hani’s impact so powerful over the last 20 years.

Thank you to Chris Johnson and the Amplify Team for such a great highlight.

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