Project Updates and Community Impact

Major projects on road to completion in Rapid City

RCJ – Dream Design International is racing against Mother Nature to get asphalt, concrete and everything in-ground completed on major developments before winter takes hold.

The company is working on the South Dakota One-Stop Complex, Veterans Affairs Community-Based Outpatient Clinic, Liberty Plaza and Shepherd Hills Subdivision among other projects, all of which are in “crunch time,” Vice President Kyle Treloar said.

“This time of year is always nuts for us because the weather can get cold in South Dakota anytime,” he said. “Usually we’re good until Thanksgiving. Sometimes we don’t make it that long, sometimes we’re good until Christmas, but once the ground gets too cold I can’t pave. If I don’t pave, this is all sitting here until next spring waiting. We’ve got to get it paved.”

One-stop complex

The one-stop state building behind Lowe’s off of Haines Avenue will feature seven state agencies in a 100,000-square-foot, two-story facility. It will feature the Administration and Information Technology bureaus and the departments of Agriculture and Natural Resources, Health, Human Services, Revenue and South Dakota Lottery and Social Services.

Dream Design broke ground on the building in March with design by JLG Architects and construction by Scull Construction.

Treloar said framing will be completed in the next two to three weeks with a big push to enclose the building before cold weather sets in. The team is also working on the south parking lot to create a loading zone.

“The number one thing is the state is depending on us to provide these suites for them on the day we said we would because they’ve got other leases they’re moving out of, other buildings they’re moving out of,” Treloar said.

The building is expected to be completed by June 1, 2022. Treloar said the biggest battle the company faced over the last year and through the construction season is materials and getting everything to the site.

He said they saw a 30% price increase for steel from when the building was designed to when it was ordered. He said the materials ended up showing up two months later than what they anticipated.

“Adjusting to those time schedules knowing ours can’t change, our finish date is locked in, you’ve got to adjust all the rest of the schedules around that,” he said.

Treloar said there are now materials piled around the site because they’re “not messing around” with it. He said the company has picked up on its timeline thanks to Scull Construction, he said.

Shepherd Hills

Treloar said the company just started grading on the main portion of the Tax Increment Finance District, which will include 265 single-family homes and about as many apartment units. Treloar said some of the homes could be secured for enlisted personnel at Ellsworth Air Force Base.

The Rapid City Council approved the $28.8 million TIF District in January with stipulations, which included a feasibility study that recommended implementing a regional booster station. Booster stations help store and bring water to areas of higher elevation.

Treloar said the grading alone will cost $3 million and the company will move almost 1 million yards of dirt to build Anamosa Street. According to the master plan, the road will connect to Elk Vale Road. He said the company has only completed about one-third of the grading necessary for Anamosa Street.

Along the road and through the subdivision, the company will build commercial and apartment lots. Farther back will be the single-family homes.

Dream Design President and CEO Hani Shafai said there are tentative plans to build tiny homes in the subdivision. He said there’s also a possibility for senior living rentals that could feature a communal-style kitchen for four different families.

The company is currently constructing the residential streets off of Philadelphia Street. Treloar said this week they’re putting down a gravel base that goes underneath the paved road.

Treloar said there is an eight-year build-out on the entire property. He said building of the house itself is not as critical in the winter, but laying the foundation is the priority. He said some of the residential roads and the houses are expected to be finished by next spring.

He also said some of the dirt dug up in Shepherd Hills qualifies as engineering fill and is being used in the One-Stop State Complex.

Liberty Plaza

The 110-acre mixed-use project off of Liberty Boulevard in Box Elder has 6,000 feet of linear street, the most street work in one project Dream Design has worked on, Treloar said. 

There will be three residential roads along with a Main Street and roundabout, all of which connect. Main Street will connect to Liberty Boulevard while Constitution Avenue will connect to North Ellsworth Road.

“(Box Elder is) in a transformative process right now,” Treloar said. “It’s always been a bedroom community to Rapid City and a housing community to the base. They don’t have a lot of commercial space and don’t have a downtown space. … With this project, we wanted to create that downtown — that was the design behind Liberty Plaza here.”

Each of the three residential streets will include 12 lots. Treloar said there’s room for expansion on each street as well. Shafai previously told the Journal that 60 houses are expected to be constructed, or begin construction, this fall.

The plaza will also feature the Liberty Center, a 58,000-square-foot facility that will be used by Ellsworth Air Force Base as a training facility for airmen and by community members. It will feature a one-eighth mile indoor track, an infield for soccer, and basketball courts.

Treloar said the company began utility and street construction in July, around the same time as they began work on the center. He said companies don’t typically start developing a building in a new area without utilities and streets first, but needed to due to the base’s needs. He said the underground utilities for the center are completed, and the plan is to begin placing steel in the next couple weeks.

VA Clinic

The 49,900-square-foot outpatient clinic is anticipated for completion by next fall. Dream Design was awarded the $49.9 million contract for the facility which will be at State Highway 16 and Catron Boulevard.

The project will have more than 300 parking spaces and serve 7,000 veterans in the Rapid City area. It will include whole health services like chiropractic care, yoga and healthy eating habits. Dream Design broke ground on the clinic in July.

Treloar said they’re currently working on placing material that will give strength to the steel to hold up the building.

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