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Gourmet to Your Driveway – Try Delivery from Two of DDI’s Favorite Restaurants Today!

In the midst of the craziness that is COVID-19, there are several businesses who are honoring the City’s dine in restrictions and shutdowns and recreating their regular business practices to continue to serve their customers.

We are so proud of two of our favorite businesses – current (and future!) Dream Design Tenants La Vida Mexican Restaurant and the Gyro Hub Mediterranean Restaurant – who will continue to offer their AMAZING food via delivery so everyone can try out their awesome selections and still stay safely isolated at home.

We highly encourage you to take advantage of their generosity and ingenuity and try a new dish if you’re already a regular, or try one of our favorites if you’ve never yet paid them a visit.

Here are links to order your delivery and a few recommendations from the DDI team:

1. The Gyro Hub Mediterranean Restaurant

Future Tenant of the Hope Court Strip Mall at Highway 16 and Catron Boulevard

At DDI, we love love love ourselves some Gyro Hub and are regular lunch time customers of Nihal and Mine who always give us a good laugh and some amazing customer service.

Some of our go-tos include:

  • Hani: The Lamb and Beef Gyro
  • Kyle: The Lamb and Beef Gyro – Extra FIRE (DANGEROUSLY Spicy!)
  • Mike and Karmen: The Turkish Salad with Gyro Meat, Pickled Red Cabbage, and Feta Cheese


  • The Turkish Coffee and Baklava!!!! – though they may not actually deliver the coffee, this combo is to die for – super sweet, flaky, and gooey Baklava with some perfectly stout Turkish coffee to chase it down. Especially after such a robust meal, it is simply perfection!

Order delivery via the Gyro Hub website at: or call 605-348-2877

2. La Vida Mexican Restaurant

Current Tenant of Dakota Market Square off Cambell Street and East North (the Former Kmart Complex)

La Vida Mexican Restaurant sits at the corner of Cambell and East North in the Old Kmart Parking Lot and offers incredibly hefty portions of some of the most DELICIOUS and mouth-watering Mexican food we’ve ever had.

While you really can’t go wrong with anything on the menu – Shrimp Tacos?! Pozole?! Chimichangas?! we HIGHLY recommend a BIG appetite for their really, really BIG burrito!! 

Simple but delicious, the burrito is the best, and unless you’re a superhuman you’ll probably get at least couple meals out of it!

They also have a great option for kids with their very own Mexican Kids Meal – a great option for anyone with a more moderate portion and a Jarritos Mandarin soda to top it off.

While Dave and the La Vida team have the restaurant closed this week to do some redecorating and a few interior renovations, they intend to be back up and running and ready for delivery as soon as next week.

Put in your order via Facebook at or call (605) 348-4762. 

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