Local officials and members of the public gathered in a field south of Catron Boulevard and broke ground on a 700+ acre industrial park that will be the first of its kind in western South Dakota. The Black Hills Industrial Center will be home to companies in the technology and value-added agriculture industries and will provide more than 2,000 professional, high-paying jobs.

The goal of the industrial park is to make Rapid City’s economy more multi-dimensional by building upon the manufacturing sector, according to Hani Shafai, president of Dream Design International.

“We want to create a future where more of our children and their children want to stay here because of the economic opportunities,” said Shafai.

Æsir Technologies, Inc., a nickel-zinc battery manufacturer headquartered in Missouri, was the first entity to commit to a location in the Black Hills Industrial Center. The Industrial Center is strategically positioned along the Heartland Express near Rapid City Regional Airport and I-90 to give companies easy transportation access. Rail lines are extended to provide rail service to most sites and businesses in the center. Being at the confluence of two of the nation’s major power grids, the Industrial Center is ideal for operations that require consistent, reliable access to electricity.

“Rapid City has recently been recognized as the third best place for graduates to begin their career. We know Rapid City is a place people want to be. From world-class outdoor amenities year-round to a vibrant downtown that offers housing, dining, coffeeshops, and brewpubs, our quality of life is second to none,” said Tom Johnson, president & CEO of Elevate Rapid City. “Adding this industrial center to our economy will put us at the top.”

Dream Design team members, community leaders and local officials broke ground at the Black Hills Industrial Center on September 6, 2022.


Tom Johnson, President and CEO of Elevate Rapid City, discussed the impact that the thousands of jobs at the Black Hills Industrial Center will have on the community.


Rapid City’s Mayor, Steve Allender, talked about the partnership with Dream Design that made the Black Hills Industrial Center possible.


Hani Shafai, President of Dream Design International, stressed the positive effect that the industrial park will have on the local economy.


Business leaders, community members, and local, state and federal officials were in attendance for the ceremony.