Crate will be open for business at their new Dakota Market Square location at 1111 E. North St. in Rapid City starting at noon on Black Friday. The upscale liquidation outlet’s new space will be quadruple the size of the Century Road location and will have crates of product that are twice as big.

“The biggest difference is going to be the amount of space. I’m so excited to see all of the people shopping,” said Tareja Mitchem, an owner of Crate, during a Facebook Live event.

Tareja and her husband Nathan started Crate in 2021. The couple had always wanted to live near mountains, and they saw the opportunity to build a business rooted in faith and family in Rapid City by putting their own spin on the bin store model popular in the southern part of the country.

The Mitchems buy semi-truck loads from big box companies and process the loads to sell everything at highly discounted rates. On Fridays, items are sold for $8, Saturdays are $6, Sundays are $3, and anything leftover is available for $1 on Mondays. Crate also includes a retail section with furniture and bedding that is sold for around half price.

Each time you come to Crate, “it kind of feels like Christmas,” according to Nathan. “It’s a big treasure hunt.”

Crate will now have shopping carts at its new 24,000-square-foot location. There are also spacious sorting and testing stations to go through selected products and have staff members open unlabeled boxes. Crate’s owners also have something in mind to pay homage to the Kmart that was once located at Dakota Market Square.

“Crate is bringing back the Blue Light Special. We are going to incorporate some fancy blue flashing lights and we’re going to be bringing out whole new crates throughout the day on Friday,” said Tareja.

The first 10 attendees at the Grand Re-Opening event on Black Friday will receive a “surprise,” according to Tareja, and the first 150 individuals there will go home with goodie bags.

You can learn more about Crate and the Grand Re-Opening on Facebook and Instagram.


Bins are being filled at the new Crate location