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Behind the Scenes at “Peppy’s” – Remaking the Old Hangout for Upscale Professional Offices

One of the most iconic suites in the old Kmart Complex was certainly the old “Peppy’s Pizza and Lazer” – a hang out for kids with arcade games, pizza, and lazer tag. 

Of course, many of us remember this suite originally as “Gigglebee’s” with Wilbur the Coyote riding a bike to your table to bring you your pizza and talking to you to boot!

Though we’ve been working hard the last several months on plans and layouts and color samples, platting, permitting, leasing, etc. we’re finally making some major headway behind the scenes. 

While Gigglebee’s is long gone and the chance to earn hundreds of tickets at Peppy’s to turn in for fake gold rings and those sticky hands you could throw against the wall is gone too, there are some remnants still left to hint at the arcade past of this old building.

Here’s a quick look at the before and after of the recent progress of the old Peppy’s Suite:

BEFORE: Peppy’s Pizza Arcade and Lazer

The “Before” at Peppy’s was everything wild – crazy colors, bright blue carpet, two way mirrors, the ticket and prize counter, and if you look really close, the track for Wilbur and Peppy to make the rounds. Of course, the larger than life rendering of Peppy can be found on the big orange wall of the lazer tag entrance too!!

AFTER: Upscale Professional Office

Almost entirely a new space, the suite is now being prepared to house an upscale professional office and this Peppy’s suite will be combined with the old pawn shop next door to give this organization 21,000 sqft of usable space. 

We are excited to see the revitalization of this suite to a long term, sustainable business that will anchor this complex for years to come. 

In process, you can see the blue carpet and Peppy’s track are gone, but you can still see the black corner where lazer tag was once held and the red and green where the prize table once stood. 

Our guys have been working hard to remake this area and redo the electric and wiring, plumbing and HVAC to prepare this building for the tenant that will come. 

We should be fully done with the build-out mid summer and move in is scheduled for end of June!

Facade updates are also in progress and the interior and exterior of this suite should be ready in tandem. More pictures to come – Stay tuned!

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