Project Updates and Community Impact

2020 Year in Review | Scotland Hills Hits a Sweet Spot

While 2020 certainly made some industries slow down, there were major surges in other areas. Residential lots and homes – in every price range – were hard to come by with homes flying off the market before they could even be posted. 

The luxury home lots at Scotland Hills were no different. Though these were not pre-existing homes, and are, in fact, simply lots to be built on, this luxury home market certainly struck a chord with Rapid City residents. 

People seemed to learn how much they valued extra space, larger lots, and a beautiful nature environment to spend their retirement years or raise their families and many jumped at the chance to reserve their lot at Scotland in preparation for building their home this coming July.

Much of this summer, Dream Design duo Hani Shafai and Kyle Treloar were up at the Scotland Lots walking the property with prospective homebuyers and answering questions about the development and the overall building process. These homeowners deeply appreciated Hani and Kyle’s engineer’s insight and the passion they had for the project having labored over every decision for the development through the design, engineering, and grading process. 

Tree Thinning per RCFD Fire Code

A major factor in the Scotland Hills project was the preemptive fire mitigation measures done throughout the entire 120 acres. 

Per RCFD fire code, trees had to be thinned to help protect this wooded area, and therefore insulate the incoming homes from additional fire risk. The bottoms of the trees were cleared of debris to prevent a fire from rapidly spreading and trees were thinned to a certain density to help prevent rapid fire spread. 

Much of that work is unnoticeable to the unfamiliar eye, but will keep the property much safer going forward – and completing the work in advance will prevent homeowners from having to front the expense themselves. 

Homeowners will be asked to have interior fire sprinklers as an added safety measure, but we have purposely oversized all of the water mains and water service lines to maintain high water flows to all homes, even if fire sprinklers need to be deployed. 

The Scotland Hills home lots have been fully graded with utilities to be installed over the winter and roads paved in the Spring. Homeowners will close on their lots July 1 and many will start building their new, custom homes upon close.

At this time, only FIVE Scotland Hills Home Lots remain! If you’re interested in a home at Scotland Hills, be sure to contact to the Dream Design team.

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