Project Updates and Community Impact

2020 Year in Review | Johnson Ranch Residential Complete!

The Johnson Ranch project in East Rapid City is one of Dream Design’s most proud achievements. The project brought 77 affordable, newly constructed homes to the Rapid City market at an unprecedented starting point of $160,000.

Johnson Ranch offered Rapid City residents a beautiful, new, clean home in a polished subdivision they could truly be proud of and Dream Design prioritized what was best for the City and its residents over a padded bottom line. The result is incredible, with 77 homes sold and built out in less than three years.

This year, Johnson Ranch also saw the near completion of the Abbott House Bridges program’s home for transitioning foster care youth (with a substantial land donation from the Dream Design team), and grading on 5.10 acres of multi-family lots for incoming apartments.

Construction also began on the Johnson Ranch channel by the City of Rapid City, with work slated for completion first thing in 2021.

Affordable Housing Community Fully Built Out

Located off Elk Vale, Highway 44, and Saint Patrick Street, Johnson Ranch offers 52 acres of residential homes, non profits, multi-family apartments, and commercial. 

Since the project began in 2017, the Dream Design team, the City of Rapid City, and a motivated local builder have been partnering together to bring affordable housing to our community. 

There are many factors that make it difficult to hit those price points that are attainable for many South Dakota Residents, and yet, through the commitment of all parties, the Johnson Ranch project was able to bring 77 affordable homes to fruition in four phases of construction. 

While the South Dakota Housing Authority’s first time homebuyer program notes homes under $275,000 as “affordable,” Johnson Ranch homes ranged from $160,000 to about $260,000 or less.

Many of these homes are able to feature 2 car garages, 2-4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a nice yard, and we simply could not build lots fast enough to keep up with the demand. 

Because these homes have been so popular in the area, we have extended this home concept through to two more projects – Diamond Ridge and Shepherd Hills – and continue to see them sold out before beginning construction. 

Commercial + Multi-Family Lots Well Underway

In addition to Johnson Ranch’s 77 residential lots, there are about 12 acres of commercial and multi-family properties as well. 

While one commercial lot has already been sold for an incoming gas station, 2020 also saw 5.10 acres prepared for a 9 unit multi-family apartment complex as well. These apartments will fit in well with the homes at Johnson Ranch and give even more options for housing in this conveniently located area.

Abbott House Home Readied for Occupancy

Two major non-profits exist in the Johnson Ranch Subdivision – Rural America Initiatives,  who opened their doors in 2019, and the Abbott House Bridges program who’s facility was almost ready for occupancy by the end of 2020.

The Abbott House program will be home to young adults transitioning out of the foster care system and dipping their toes into the world of independent living. The home will be a safe place for them to get on their feet and step into adulthood strong and well prepared for their next big steps.

Johnson Ranch Drainage Channel Constructed

The Johnson Ranch development features over 13 acres of green space to give the project additional appeal, and serve a greater function of increased drainage to protect homes in the area.

2020 saw the grading and the construction of the Johnson Ranch drainage channel, a project undertaken by the City of Rapid City, that will be complete first thing next year.

Johnson Ranch has been a great asset to the Rapid City community and an example of the power of public-private partnerships. Many groups came together to creatively solve the need for newly constructed, good quality affordable homes without the need for government subsidies, creating a more sustainable – and repeatable – model of development for future affordable housing projects.

With the single-family residential portion complete, 2021 will see the commercial land take the lead, polishing off this great project in the next 1-2 years.

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