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2020 Year in Review | Dakota Market Square Remade this Year

A major highlight of Dream Design’s 2020 Year was the complete renovation of Phase 1 of “Dakota Market Square.”

Dakota Market Square is the 185,000 square foot complex at the corner of Cambell Street and East North that many grew up knowing as the “Northgate Plaza Shopping Center.” It was the home to the infamous Stargate Theater and the Gigglebee’s/Peppy’s Pizza hangout complete with laser tag, pizza, and a talking coyote to deliver your meal.

These iconic spots were transformed this year after a long time in disrepair and a lack of much needed TLC. Take a look at their drastic before and afters and see how much the whole complex has changed.

Gigglebee’s to Government Offices

One of the most stunning transformations of all was the change from the wild and crazy colors of Gigglebee’s to a soft, muted, dark wood, bright walled center for the South Dakota Historic Society’s Archaeological Research Center.

This transformation was definitely one for the books and it’s awesome to see how far one project can come and to see the project be totally well received by a grateful, incoming team.

Abandoned Theater to Entertainment Hub

Another major transition came with the old Stargate Theater, which this year became the home of Decory’s Entertainment Company.

This project took a lot of labor to bring from start to finish – with many plumbing, electrical, and HVAC items needed to get things up and running. The result is a gorgeous and fun near 10,000 sqft complex with a bar and grill, escape rooms, nerf archery, and a venue for concerts and events.

They will even be hosting a big gathering to ring in the 2021 New Year! Take a look at all they have to offer and sign up for the New Year’s party at

Shag Carpet to Sleek Office

If only we had a before and after for this one! The 912 East Philadelphia Space is a medium sized office on the back side of the Dakota Market Square complex. 

This suite had some wild shag carpeting, panelled walls, and a couple large, intricate murals from somewhere in the 1970s era. Now, the suite is a polished and clean, modern office space used by a Dakota Market Square tenant for their office and management staff.  

Fabric Shop to Discount Overstocks

Another new tenant to join us at Dakota Market Square this year was locally owned and operated grocery and homegoods store “Discount Overstocks.” 

The folks at Discount Overstocks took a big leap with us and trusted the vision of what this space would become. They saw the magic before the major facade renovations had begun and new this location – with its over 67,837 cars per day would be a convenient location for their existing customer base. 

Once an old fabric shop, the space now offers everything you’d need to stock up the pantry or grab a quick gift on the go. 

Even better they promise to give you the biggest, name brands even if you don’t have a big, available budget.


Perhaps the most notable transformation came with Dakota Market Square’s exterior facelift, with numerous upgrades to the facade, parking lot and landscaping. Many people had hoped this complex would get an update, and finally in 2020, major, visible progress was made. 

Facade Facelift

The former Kmart complex had an off colored concrete exterior with a long canopy that extended from end to end. 

The first move of the Dream Design team was to remove the canopy and open up the space to give the complex a more modern look. 

Dryvit was installed and columns were added to give the building a high-end feel and sidewalks and streetlights were installed to make each entrance feel much more welcoming.

Landscaping Adds Liven Up The Complex

The Dream Design team put in many landscaping features throughout the complex to bring more color, life, and elegance to the Dakota Market Square facility. 

Landscaping planters were added along the front of the complex with trees, colorful flowers, and grasses and the perimeter and entrance to the parking lot also received many new landscaping additions. 

It’s amazing how much that touch of nature and new life brings a whole new dimension to the facility’s remodel, polishing up this updated look.

Parking Lot Resurfacing 

The Phase 1 portion of the Dakota Market Square complex also got a large scale parking lot resurfacing, fixing a broken, cracked, and uneven parking lot, and smoothing things out for a fully finished feel.

The parking lot was also restriped to top the new layer off.

FUN FACT: Old asphalt was broken and ground up into ground asphalt millings which can be recycled for use on other road and walking trail projects.

Dakota Market Demo

And finally, the most recent move on the Dakota Market Square renovation was the demolition of the former Hardee’s building located along East North Street at the north of the complex. 

The old building was workable for its time, but was starting to deteriorate, had a few safety issues, and offered very little flexibility for incoming tenants. As part of this urban revitalization project, we opted to remove this old building and bring in a fresh new facility that reflected the new style of the overall Dakota Market Square.  

The demo makes way for the “Dakota Market Square Shops” – a 10,000 sqft retail center with five suites, lots of windows, and front and rear entry to give lots of flexibility to incoming businesses. 

Renovating and revitalizing Dakota Market Square has been a long time labor of love for the Dream Design team and has incorporated numerous interior renovations and a complete overhaul of the exterior as well. 

We are so excited to be bringing life to one of Rapid City’s busiest corners and can’t wait to work through “Phase 2” of this project next year.

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