Services » Construction Administration

At Dream Design International, Inc. we provide construction administration services for all of our client’s projects.  We are on site during all phases of construction to ensure that the project is constructed according to the design plans and specifications, keeping the client’s goals in mind.  We work collectively with owners, municipalities, and contractors, maintaining quality control through communication and documentation.

The quality control methods purposed, at the design phase, are to establish a set of plans where the error factor is reduced, stakeholders are in agreement with the design, and the project goals are fulfilled.

We utilize the following:
  • Kickoff Meeting
  • Design progress meetings with public agencies and the design team
  • Meetings with property owners
  • Private utility coordination meeting
  • Construction observation
  • Conducting public meetings
  • Coordination with the survey crew prior to performing the property survey
  • Pre-construction meeting and regular construction meetings
  • Daily site visits
  • Field report logs
  • Photo documentation
  • Monitor contractor's on-site quality control measures
  • Direct communication with Inspectors
  • Review and take action on submittals and test results
  • Provide shop drawing review
  • Monitor the impact of groundwater infiltrating on trenching, bedding placement for water and sewer installation
  • Monitor long term and short term dewatering
  • Construction sequencing (monitor and coordinate with contractor)
  • Coordinate with the emergency response agencies and contractor to ensure the public’s safety during construction
  • Monitor the implementation of the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans as they apply to the project.